North Lebanon

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  • Mix


    Cats For Adoption (North Lebanon) 01/08/2019

    This 2 months old kitten was rescued in Koura. She is very sweet, playful, and loves human interaction. She will purr whenever someone touches her. She is currently at a fosterhome, but urgently needs an adopter because she's not getting along with t...

  • Husky


    Dogs For Adoption (North Lebanon) 26/06/2019

    Ktir chatra l kalbe esma macha e5de kel t3oumeta mabada chi la chaher 10 bade fi 7ale se7iye bel beit w ma btesma7 ba2a rabiya kenet rebye ma3na bel beit w m3alame 3ala.kel chi

  • good


    Dogs For Adoption (North Lebanon) 21/05/2019

    white and brown .trained.loves to play. protect his owner.

  • Mixed


    Found Dogs (North Lebanon) 07/05/2019

    4 puppies 3 male 1 female Mixed breed 40 days yrs old Urgently in need for a home

  • Domestic long hair cat

    Domestic long hair cat

    Cats For Adoption (North Lebanon) 06/05/2019

    Very funny cat And good health but i need to find someone to adopt it because this cat need a castration and the age is 1 year 3 months contat me for more details

  • British ShortHair

    British ShortHair

    Lost Cats (North Lebanon) 06/05/2019

    This cat is lost. Please if someone finds her contact the number provided.

  • Angora


    Cats For Adoption (North Lebanon) 01/05/2019

    White angora 2 years old wth odd eyed... spayed vaccinated and dewormed...cant keep fr health issue....he s deaf but he can understand by waving hand

  • Angora


    Cats For Adoption (North Lebanon) 01/05/2019

    White blue eyes angora 3 years old vaccinated and spayed and dewormed...cant keep hr fr health issue

  • Loulou


    Dogs For Adoption (North Lebanon) 30/04/2019

    Male, 7 months, dewormed and vaccinated

  • Kittens


    Cats For Adoption (North Lebanon) 29/04/2019

    Kitten 3omra shahren ta2riban ktir cute w btakol akel beit wkl shi w ba3da l hl2 bthebb l halib like a baby wbthebb le3ebb ktir herkeh lawna aswad w abyadd